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Almost Fearless Backpackers is the number one magazine that tackles everything you need to know about camping, outdoor activities and extreme traveling that people love to do. There are a lot of things that needs to be prepared, but there is more stuff that you need to consider if you want to explore the wild. Almost Fearless Backpackers is here to make sure you are equipped with the necessary information as well as great tips that can ensure that you have the most excellent experience of an outdoor life. With us, you’ll get the best hacks of camping to ensure everyone’s enjoyment.

We started out the magazine almost fifteen years ago, and since the first day we have begun, we have shared a thousand ideas to all those people who love the outdoor life. Aside from the tips, we also feature a lot of things about the equipment that hikers and climbers can use for their escapades. The insights that you can get from Almost Fearless Backpackers is limitless, and that is the reason why there are millions of people who trust the facts that we share to the public.

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